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21st February 2023



During the covid pandemic we responded by creating easy ways for Counsellors to access information for how they could reach new clients.

The problem: During the Lockdown’s of 2020 and 2021 there was a huge surge in the need for people to reach out and seek help for their mental health.

Our almost in-house counsellor Mandy Philips from Soul Full Psychotheraphy  approached Neil to get help with a project she had ongoing.

It started with Mandy receiving numerous requests from other therapists asking how they set up zoom calls, charge clients and take client notes. Our almost in-house counsellor Mandy Philips from Soul Full Psychotherapy approached Neil to get help with the project in assisting counsellors get set up online with a website and social media platforms.

Our Response: We created a Facebook Group “How to build a website in 10 easy Steps” and ran weekly sessions (twice), to assist them with their ideas about marketing and audience development. Presentations were produced and so were numerous social media platforms, we demonstrated how to set up a simple WordPress website through hours of video and one to one sessions on Zoom. Counsellors attended weekly or fortnightly, were able to access our presentations and even had homework. We did set up test websites so attendees were able to follow along in real time, testing what we had just demonstrated via screen sharing. Numerous people had to watch via their phone so they could work on their computer at the same time. When and if the attendees wanted to, we were able to move their WordPress website they had been working on to a live environment.

We helped over Forty Counsellors and Therapists through the use of a Facebook group and zoom calls, get set up with a website and social platforms, with an exclusive deal of £36 for annual hosting year, which is very similar to our Start Up accounts.

Mandy had unique experience in relation to understanding the sector and being digitally savvy – you can find out more about Mandy here https://techtherapist.co.uk/


Written by defnetmedia


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