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15th May 2023



Everyone is looking at ways to save a bit of money these days, be it personally or in business so why not switch your hosting. Mello Hosts offers a great range of Hosting Packages where you can have all the same benefits of your previous hosting but where you know your service provider is at the end of the telephone. No really you get our personal mobile numbers not a call centre.

If you have ever tried to do this on your own, then you’ll know there can be headaches along the way. But that’s what we’re here for. We’re the paracetamol for your moving headaches.

For us moving your websites is easy, packing them up and getting them set up correctly on our servers, reconnecting your database and ensuring all the links still work in the same way they did. Repointing your domain name and sorting out your DNS – yep that’s our job.

Moving your email accounts – we’ve just done 30 for one client. Yeah – that was a hard one. But we were there onsite with them, sitting on their shoulder advising them plus providing help sheets to get it done quickly and easily.

We don’t make you do anything – you just hand over the keys, well in this case your passwords and we just get on with it.

If you have just switched Energy Supplier and thought that was hard then get in touch.

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Do you have an old style HTML website with Static Page?

Read our case study on how we moved a static site to brand new WordPress site.

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