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21st August 2022



Each week we try to highlight a customer’s website. This week we refer to Spark-it Liverpool. 

This was a super fun website to work on. During lockdown, we were approached by Transitions Liverpool an already existing client to build and host a website for their new project Spark-it. During lock down they received funding to start conversations about what is happening on our streets and how we can move away from car usage and make spaces that transform our city. As keen allotment holders and cyclists you can see why we were keen to get involved.

Creating education projects for School Children to reimagine their world and campaigning for spaces to be opened up in a similar way as the cafes and restaurants have on Bold Street. These pop up spaces could be used for eating out or discussions areas in a similar way to speakers corner in London.

There are opportunities to get involved in the project just drop them an email or follow them on social media.

The site currently utilises our Barn Owl package – Yep we renamed all our packages to reflect our clients interests. 

You can visit their website here: Spark it Liverpool

We’re really pleased they decided to be hosted by us at Mello Hosts.

We do try and do thsi weekly but we don’t always get around to it.

Screenshoit of the Spark It Liverpool website designed to create sustainability in Liverpool
Written by defnetmedia


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