Website of the Week:  Firwood Bootle Cricket Club

Each week, we highlight a customers website.

We’re really pleased to be able to introduce you to Firwood Bootle Cricket Club who have been with Mello Host Web hosting for a couple of years now.

Bootle Cricket Club have been a client of ours for many years now, even before we started offering our First class cloud hosting as they were a client of one of our directors.

They are a fantastic community and sports orientated organisation based just off Stanley Road in Bootle. They have 4 Crickets teams in both senior and junior sections. The 1st Team recently won the league along with their belles Team.

They have a huge training facility including Cricket Nets which are available for hire by the hour.

They also offer the venue for hire and have produced some wonderful events, for wedding to wakes plus activities in the main foyer throughout the week for the community.

Bootle Cricket Club’s website is on our cloud hosting using our Business package.

Firwood Bootle Cricket Club


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